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I keep rejecting all these good girls that show interest in me. Instead I keep going for these trashy slutty girls with bad manners. It's like I get so excited going out on dates with them. I know I should be ashamed by how the dress and act but it's just exciting At the same time I'm missing out on all the good girls that I could take home to the family and actually build something with I just keep settling for short term relationships Any advice for me on how to start valuing my relationships?

Okay so first off you’ve got to open your eyes and look at the big picture. Those short term relationships aren’t even worth you’re time. Instead of those, why don’t you find a nice good girl to get to know better. Once you finally get to know the good girl you’ll get excited to go on dates with her and you’ll be excited to bring her to your family:) “short term relationships” aren’t even worth your time and effort if you’re looking for a serious down to earth girl! I hope this helps and good luck:)

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hey! I love everything that you post, on you're blog its absolutely beautiful! i was wondering if you could tell me the theme that you're using for it because its just amazing! would you also follow me if its not a bother of course! i'm new to the whole tumblr thing it would just make my day! i also actually want to say thank~you for the inspiring posts and the effort of it all everything is perfect! oxo

Hey lovely youre so sweet! Thank you so much youre too kindโค๏ธ I dont really have a theme,it’s just the basic one. I just post what I like which is a little bit of everything that makes me happy๐Ÿ˜Š I also love your blog! Followed xo